Mission Statement

Grove Christian Camp is dedicated to bringing people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, while at the same time teaching and equipping Christians to a more mature relationship of service and commitment to Christ.


Grove Camp is in a perfect centralized location for quick and easy access from anywhere in Oregon. Sitting on the Row River, just south of Eugene. Our address is 37028 Shoreview Dr, Dorena, OR 97434.  Contact us today!



In 1950 youth leaders Bob and Marian Beach donated their 3.46 acres in Dorena to the church so that they could start Grove Christian Camp. Jim Hemenway then worked with the county to get the approvals and permits to start the camp. In 1951 the first camp was held at Grove Christian Camp. Since 1951, countless children and adults have accepted Christ as their savior at Grove Christian Camp. Read the Entire Story of the Early days at Grove Christian Camp.

Cost Of Grove Christian Camp

Grove Christian Camp attempts to keep cost to a minimum. The cost includes housing, meals and a wide variety of programs. Scholarships are always available, contact the camp to learn more.  We also offer discounts through camp-affiliated churches.

Arrival And Check-Out Times

Summer camps begins on Sundays at 5:00pm and end on Fridays at 10:00am. Please do not arrive at camp until 5:00pm.
For all camp rentals, please verify your arrival and departure times with camp staff.

Grove Christian Camp Directors And Staff

Directors and staff are chosen very carefully. There is a special application form each staff member fills out and background checks are done on all camp staff before camp begins.

Grove Christian Camp Volunteer Information

If you are interested in volunteering at Grove Christian Camp, let us know!