Outdoor School

Team-building, social growth and rapport building happens at outdoor school!

(Some of our fun classes include: Rock wall science, zip line math, life as a tree, owl pellets, challenge course team building, forest fires and more…)

funding is available for outdoor school!!

Grove Camp Outdoor School is one of the only camps in oregon that offers a diverse site for outdoor school, while providing programming and facilitation if you wish! We are making outdoor school a life-changing memorable experience for all learners, while freeing up teachers from the planning and organizing stages that outdoor school requires.

Grove Camp outdoor school curriculum is standardized and ready to go!

We currently have 3 options available for outdoor school.

Tier 1: Grove Camp Outdoor School Experience. Grove Camp staff runs your outdoor school for you. You just show up with your kids, no planning! Grove Camp Outdoor School Tier 1 includes: A facilitation director during camp, Grove Camp Outdoor School curriculum books, help getting class instructors, help getting counselors, counselor training, planned schedule, Grove Camp Outdoor School T-shirt, food & cleaning service, Grove Camp Outdoor School water bottle, wood cookie name tags and zip line.

Grove outdoor 2.jpg

Tier 2: Grove Camp Outdoor School Helping Hand. Grove Camp Outdoor School helps you run your own outdoor school with our material. Grove Camp Outdoor School Tier 2 includes: Grove Camp outdoor school curriculum books, wood cookie name tags, zip line provided and food & cleaning service.

Tier 3: Grove Camp Outdoor School Site. Grove Camp Outdoor School Tier 3 includes: School district does all their own outdoor school with their own curriculum at Grove Camp site with food & cleaning service provided by the camp.

Contact Grove Camp Outdoor School for pricing!!

541-946-1662 or email to grovecamp@grovechristiancamp.org

Funds available for outdoor school for 5th & 6th grade from Oregon Lottery through OSU! Contact us for help with this as well!